Budget-Friendly Options That We Provide for Garage Floor Coatings

Sep 25, 2022

Garage floor coatings protect one of the highest traffic areas in your home. They ensure that the surface looks great and stays that way for many years.

At Smart Coatings, we use polyurea combined with flakes or pigments to create your stunning, durable floor. We use high-quality products and back up our work with a lifetime warranty on peeling. Read on to learn more about polyurea and why it’s ideal for coating concrete.

What Is a Polyurea Coating?

This material is a subcategory of polyurethane and creates a versatile and scratch-resistant finish. Polyurea chemically bonds to the concrete, creating a highly attractive and durable waterproof layer.

Why Use Polyurea?

Professionals installing garage floor coatings select this material for several reasons:

  • Unlike traditional epoxy, it is UV-resistant, meaning it doesn’t fade or yellow over time, even in direct sunlight.
  • It’s highly moisture-resistant, it prevents liquids from soaking into the concrete and staining or degrading it.
  • It resists many more chemicals than sealants. The list of chemicals that damage polyurea is far shorter than epoxy.
  • It makes the floor easier to clean. As it repels water and other liquids, cleaning up a spill is much easier than with plain concrete. Nine times out of ten, you only need warm water and a mop.
  • Polyurea concrete coating is far more durable than conventional epoxies and lasts decades rather than years.
  • Pairing the polyurea with a polyaspartic flooring top coat enhances its protective capabilities.
  • This material is less costly than many other options for coating your floor.
  • You receive an excellent return on your investment as the floor lasts for years and requires little expenditure on upkeep.
  • You also get a break from tedious maintenance because you do not need to strip the floor and resurface it every few years.

How Much Does Polyurea Cost?

Polyurea is one of the more affordable garage floor coatings. Your cost depends on the size of the garage and will be around $5 and $7 per square foot.

For a more specific quote, call Smart Coatings and discuss your project with our team.

What Do You Use Polyurea For?

Garage floor coatings are one of the most common applications for polyurea, but it is not the only one. Multiple industries use the substance to prevent corrosion, seal acrylic tanks, and create many types of water containers.

Should You Use Polyurea or Epoxy?

Contractors use both substances when coating floors. However, epoxy is the older of the two materials and is less effective.


  • Polyurea is far stronger than epoxy and has a higher compressive strength. You can thus store heavier machinery than you can with traditional epoxy.
  • Epoxy is also less flexible, meaning that it does expand and contract with the concrete. When the car compresses polyurea or cold makes it contracts, it has a more elastic property and doesn’t become brittle and crack.
  • Polyurea cures enough to stand on in one day; epoxy takes a few weeks.
  • Bubbles are more likely to form in epoxy and ruin the finish.
  • Polyurea coatings take just one day to install.
  • Epoxy must be installed at precisely the right temperature, making it difficult to install it year-round.
  • Epoxy yellows and becomes brittle in direct sunlight, while polyurea is less vulnerable to the elements.

Decorative Elements

One of the primary reasons that polyurea is so popular is that it is highly versatile in the decor space. Full broadcast flake coatings allow you to recreate the look of expensive granite and high gloss floor tiles. Our innovative coatings team also recreates the look of marble and other materials.

With the color flakes, pigments, and other additives on the market today, there is no need to spend a fortune on materials. Our team recreates many looks for far less than the originals, and even an expert has difficulty telling the difference.

By hand-casting the elements to create the pattern, we ensure that no two floors are exactly alike. You achieve a custom look that you can modify as you like.

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Is it time to makeover your garage, or would you simply like simple coating systems to protect the floor? Polyurea is a strong, durable, and reliable alternative to epoxy, but the final look depends on the installer’s skill.

Smart Coatings has a team of professionals that uses the best quality materials with polyaspartic coatings for the best results. Contact our team at 217-343-5965 for your free quote on garage floor coatings, and take advantage of our expertise, affordable pricing, and lifetime warranty.

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