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Fall is a beautiful season that brings with it the perfect temperatures for outdoor activities, and getting your garage floor coated is one of them. If you want to ensure that your garage looks amazing and remains in top condition for a long time to come, then this is the perfect time to do it. At Smart Concrete Coatings, we understand that the weather conditions can be a problem, but we guarantee excellent coating work that will last for years. Read on to discover why fall is the ideal time to get your garage floor coated.


Optimal Temperature Conditions

One of the many reasons why fall is the perfect time to have your garage floor coated is due to the optimal temperature conditions during this season. With temperatures ranging between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, your garage is unlikely to be too hot or too cold—making for perfect conditions to apply any type of coating. The ideal temperature facilitates proper curing times, ensuring that your garage floor coating dries up perfectly and lasts longer.

Reduced Humidity

Another reason why fall is the best time to get your garage floor coated is due to reduced humidity levels. The lower humidity in the air creates a better environment for the coating to bond to the concrete. This makes the coating more effective and long-lasting. Additionally, lower humidity during the fall makes it easier for the coating to dry up quickly.

Extended Durability

Coating your garage floor in the fall guarantees immense durability. With the proper cure time, your garage floor coating will last for many years. The coating also creates a smooth, uniform surface that will resist the harsh elements of nature, from salt to freezing conditions. By taking advantage of the benefits of fall, you can ensure that your garage floor will maintain its durability for even longer.

Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Coated garage floors are not only durable but also extremely attractive. A well-painted floor enhances the interior aesthetics of your garage while also providing a safe, protective surface for storage, parking, and other activities. Fall is the perfect time to get your garage floor coated, adding a fresh new look to your garage ahead of the colder months.

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Book early to avoid scheduling conflicts as business tends to pick up during the fall months. Once the winter weather begins, it’s difficult to pour new coatings since the cold temperatures don’t allow for proper curing. Take advantage of the last of the warm weather by getting in touch with us at Smart Concrete Coatings and booking an appointment today!

Fall is the perfect time to get your garage floor coated, and at Smart Concrete Coatings, we’re always ready to help you out. The great weather conditions, reduced humidity, increased durability, and exceptional aesthetic appeal make this season the ideal time to freshen up your garage. So, don’t wait until winter to make improvements in your garage when you can take advantage of the fall weather to coat your garage floor by calling on Smart Concrete Coatings today!

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