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Commercial Kitchen Flooring Contractor Southern IllinoisThe ideal commercial kitchen flooring will add style to your space, help ensure worker safety, and hold up well despite many years of rigorous use. In other words, the flooring will have an ultra-durable floor coating applied by Smart Concrete Coatings.

The conventional coatings that some other commercial kitchen flooring contractors apply simply can’t compete with our multilayer coating systems that persevere under the most extreme conditions. Having one of our sanitary floor coatings applied to your facility in Illinois, Indiana, or Missouri will:

Make Your Kitchen Look Appealing

Although aesthetic design likely isn’t your primary focus when planning your kitchen, you do want to create a pleasant work environment for your staff. Our customizable chip system, metallic, and solid color coatings can make your commercial kitchen flooring complement your décor to enhance the appearance of your space.

Prevent Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Your kitchen staff moves at a fast pace, often holding hot pans, sharp objects, and other hazardous items. Additionally, spills increase the risk of someone slipping and falling.

For these reasons, you’ll want to partner with a commercial kitchen flooring contractor that can outfit your space with slip-resistant flooring. Our coatings will give your kitchen floor an orange peel-like texture that will make it easier for people to maintain their footing and avoid injury.

Simplify the Cleaning Process

In any environment where food is prepared, maintaining sanitary conditions takes top priority. Unfortunately, many other flooring systems give grime and bacteria a place to settle in. In contrast, our floor coatings make it easy to clean up the spills that will inevitably occur and enable you to maintain a more sanitary space overall.

Prevent Costly Damage

Equipment, foot traffic, impacts, and other hazards take a toll on conventional kitchen flooring. However, our multilayer commercial kitchen floor coatings withstand this damage with ease, keeping your kitchen looking better longer and sparing you time-intensive maintenance.

We’re the Commercial Kitchen Flooring Experts

Are you searching for a commercial kitchen flooring contractor that’s capable of providing the ideal concrete coating for your needs? If so, your search can end here. Contact Smart Concrete Coatings today to learn more about the attractive, long-lasting kitchen floor coatings that we apply in Illinois nd Indiana.

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