We Offer the Ideal Locker Room Flooring for Facilities in Central Illinois, St Louis, and Western Indiana

Locker Room Flooring Southern IllinoisIf you were asked to describe the qualities you’re looking for in your locker room flooring, what would you say? That you want flooring that will be easy to keep clean? That it must have a non-slip surface that will help prevent accidents? And the durability needed to look great for many years while requiring little to no maintenance?

If that would be your answer, then you’re providing an exact description of the durable polyurea coatings that Smart Concrete Coatings applies in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

Keep Your Locker Room Flooring Clean, Safe & Appealing With Concrete Coating

Dirt, grime, and moisture make it difficult to keep a locker room clean. Furthermore, the porous surface of old concrete gives unsanitary materials a place to settle in, making upkeep an even greater challenge.

In contrast, our locker room flooring has a tough, nonporous surface that allows for easy cleaning. We can include vinyl chips within the coating to create an orange peel-like texture that will help to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, and we can have these chips custom-colored to match your team’s signature colors. Best of all, you can count on your new resilient locker room floor to retain its attractive appearance through the years, as our coatings resist many forms of damage that commonly plague unprotected concrete.

For locker room flooring that you, your athletes, and your maintenance personnel are sure to appreciate, turn to Smart Concrete Coatings. Contact us today to learn more about the ultra-durable floor coatings we offer in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

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