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Our Cove Base Flooring Offers Many Benefits Compared With Conventional Solutions Available in Central Illinois and Western Indiana

Cove Base Flooring Southern IllinoisIn many residential and commercial environments, water, bacteria, and dirt can easily enter the space where your flooring meets the surrounding walls. These substances can then seep into your walls, threatening the structural integrity of your building. Conventional solutions to this problem involve acquiring pre-fabricated vinyl or rubber pieces, cutting them to fit, and then installing them with messy adhesives. As probably goes without saying, this process requires a great deal of time and high material costs and tends to deliver less than satisfactory results.

However, Smart Concrete Coatings’ cove base flooring provides a superior alternative for homeowners and business owners in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. Mixed on site with dry sand and spread with a cove trowel, this material fits perfectly and adheres securely.

Our versatile cove base flooring works well with both our polyurea and metallic coatings, ensuring that you can take advantage of our cove base systems no matter what type of flooring you choose for your space. The application will cut your material costs in half compared with conventional options and will cure in just 30 minutes—additional benefits that explain the popularity of this service.

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Want to learn more about our innovative cove base flooring, which has received the Most Innovative Products Award from World of Concrete? Contact Smart Concrete Coatings to schedule a consultation at your home or business in Illinois or Indiana.

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