Stylish Metallic Floor Coatings for Homes & Businesses in Southern Illinois

Metallic Floor Coatings Southern IllinoisIf you’re looking to give your space a truly impressive appearance, then a conventional, single-coat floor finish simply won’t suffice. In this situation, you’ll want to speak with the trusted professionals at Smart Concrete Coatings. We offer vibrant metallic floor coatings that provide the “wow” factor that many of our customers in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri desire.

Featuring a multilayer application—consisting of a water-based or urethane topcoat, low-viscosity metallic middle layer, and pre-tinted primer/base—our metallic concrete coatings provide a beautiful, 3D marbleized appearance, as well as all of the other attributes you want in a residential or commercial floor coating. Their beauty and strength make our metallic floor coatings an excellent choice for:

  • Retail spaces
  • Man caves
  • Kitchen floors
  • Restaurant dining rooms
  • Entertainment venues
  • Office lobbies
  • Boutiques
  • Showrooms
  • Convention centers

Additional Benefits of Our Metallic Concrete Floor Coatings

Beyond adding a vibrant pop of color to your space, your new metallic garage floor coating will provide all of the many benefits that customers have come to expect from our high-performance floor coatings. These benefits include:


Like all of our floor coatings, our metallic coatings boast notable resistance to damage caused by abrasion and exposure to chemicals. This reliable durability will not only keep your metallic concrete looking better longer, it will also spare you from having to perform costly and time-intensive maintenance.


It’s hard to put a price on creating a look in your home or business that all of your guests are sure to love. But when you see what a huge difference a metallic floor coating can make for a relatively inexpensive investment, you’re going to be thrilled about the return you receive on your investment.


Our services can dramatically improve the look of your space in a short amount of time. The metallic flooring system’s quick installation will allow you to upgrade your flooring without experiencing any prolonged disruption to your home or business life.

Let’s apply a floor coating that you’ll be proud to display in your home or business. Contact Smart Concrete Coatings today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the metallic floor coatings we apply in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

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