How To Grind Your Garage Floor With These Easy Methods

Jul 27, 2022

Suppose you are a homeowner in Southern Illinois currently dissatisfied with your garage floor. The coating might be cracking or peeling, or the finish might look worn and old. Your garage floor is much more critical to the health of a home than one would consider. For example, your garage floor could house your vehicles and serve as a workshop or a hang-out spot. No longer can your garage floor face neglect, and with the team at Smart Concrete Coatings, our team could revitalize your garage floor. Updating your garage won’t just make the space more usable; it will add new energy to your home. Our team is professionally trained and ready to install your new polyurea garage floor coating quickly but with great care. But before installing your new garage floor coating, we must prepare the concrete by grinding your garage floor. Though this might seem like a hassle, grinding is a relatively simple practice that, when done right, will ensure a quality installation that will last for years.

What is Grinding

There are several highly regarded practices for grinding your garage floor before a commercial coat. Grinding is a process that breaks down the existing floor and levels out the space before a team goes in and applies the coating. Grinding ensures the team has a level space to work with and clears debris and excess cracking out early. offer

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding corrects divots and cracks within the concrete and creates a seamlessly smooth area to work. Diamond grinding utilizes a machine that shoots diamond bits to level the concrete. This practice also creates a minimal mess, as it comes with a system that prevents dust from circulating. Diamond grinding also removes grease and oil stains, making the surface clean. Finally, diamond grinding your concrete allows your new polyurea coating to bond with the concrete and create strong adhesion. Diamond grinding prepares your concrete for a coating that will last years.

Shot Blasting

When using a centrifuge blast wheel, a shot blasting machine will use tiny metal beads to grind concrete. The wheel spins and beads are funneled in and shot at the concrete at a high velocity, grinding the concrete. The shot blasting machines contain the beads, so after the dust collector sucks up the broken concrete, there isn’t much mess left over. In addition, this practice prepares your garage for a new coating by resurfacing the concrete.

Why Choose Smart Concrete Coatings

Smart Concrete Coatings is the most outstanding choice in southern Illinois for your concrete coating needs. We offer our services for commercial and residential properties, from garage floors to salon flooring; our team has you covered. Smart Concrete Coatings utilizes several concrete coatings methods for our customers, including polyurea shop, chip system, quartz system, metallic, form cove, and more. We offer so many systems to meet the needs of our clients. Additionally, we provide a 15-year product warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring a high-quality job. Finally, we are a business committed to not only serving Southern Illinois but creating lasting connections within various communities in the area. So, choose Smart Concrete Coatings for a group with competitive prices and a team that cares.

At Smart Concrete Coatings, we are proud to deliver services to many Illinois communities, including Champaign-UrbanaSpringfieldEffinghamDecaturMount VernonCollinsvilleBellevilleFairview HeightsEdwardsville, and Olney.

Furthermore, Smart Concrete Coatings services the communities of St. Louis, Missouri, and Terre Haute, Indiana.

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