How to Turn Your Garage Into the Ultimate Hobby Space

Dec 09, 2022

Garage floor coatings help turn vacant garages into the perfect hobby spaces. Converted garages increase the value of your property and provide improved storage and activity capabilities. Whether you desire a state-of-the-art woodworking studio or a simple workshop, garage floor coatings transform cold garages into valuable amenities.

Homeowners have a lot of options for improving their garages. New shelving, HVAC systems, and color designs revitalize underutilized garage spaces. Polyaspartic floor coatings enhance the durability of your garage floor to protect flooring from accidental spills, hazardous chemicals, and abrasions.

Before beginning your garage renovation project, consider contacting your local concrete coating professionals. Concrete coating experts offer same-day service and fully install polyaspartic coatings in less than a day. Continue reading to learn the best strategies for turning your garage into the ultimate hobby space.

Importance of Protecting Garage Floors

Uncoated concrete floors remain susceptible to moisture damage, mold growth, and structural damage. Every homeowner understands the difficulties of cleaning leaking oil, paint, and rust stains off concrete surfaces. Without prompt care, spills on concrete surfaces may prove nearly impossible to remove.

Professionally installed concrete coatings resist stains, repel moisture, and protect porous concrete surfaces from moisture damage. Polyaspartic-coated floors reflect harmful UV rays, preventing discoloration of concrete surfaces. Signs your concrete floor would benefit from protective coatings include the following:

  • Formation of potholes
  • Cracking, chipping, or spalling
  • Yellowing and discoloration
  • Rust damage
  • Moisture damage
  • Foul musty odor

Garage floor coatings add a durable, plastic-like film around your concrete floor. Many polyaspartic floor coatings last over 25 years with proper cleaning and maintenance. Lower-priced floor coatings, like a liquid rubber and vinyl tiles, prove hard to clean and only offer modest protection against mold and moisture damage.

Turning Your Garage Into a Homey Hobby Space

Before hastily purchasing shelving, hooks, and workbenches for your garage, consider how you plan on using your converted garage. Will you need more electrical outlets to supply power to tools, lights, and space heaters? Will you need an air purifier to help circulate air in your garage?

Garage floor coatings in Southern Illinois must withstand the impact of freezing rains, heavy snowfall, and deicing agents. Speak to your local concrete coating professionals for help finding the perfect concrete coating to suit your needs. Consider the following tips for transforming your garage into the ideal space for hobbies and activities:

Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Wood shavings, paint, oil, water, and toxic chemicals are no match for polyaspartic floor coatings. No matter what hobby you perform in the garage, polyaspartic floor coatings protect concrete surfaces from damage. Choose from the following styles of polyaspartic flooring to match your desired style:

  • Quartz
  • Flake
  • Metallic
  • Silica Sand
  • Solid Color
  • Custom images

If you’ve always wanted the logo of your favorite sports team encased in solid plastic on your garage floor, polyaspartic coatings can help. Silica sand and flake polyaspartic coatings offer additional slip resistance to garage floors. You can easily create the garage of your dreams with the help of polyaspartic garage floor coatings.

New Shelving

Shelves constructed of low-quality plywood break easily and provide inadequate storage space. Consider exploring custom shelve options when undertaking garage renovation projects. High-quality materials used to build custom cabinets and shelving include the following:

  • Hardwood (maple, birch, white oak)
  • Metal (aluminum, stainless steel, polished brass)
  • Medium-density fiberboard

Dream big when planning your next garage improvement project. Rolling, freestanding, custom, and wall-mounted cabinets improve the function and appearance of garages. Many metal cabinets maintain vital moisture and chemical resistance properties.

Clean Away Debris

Nothing disrupts a garage renovation project quite like dirty floors, cobwebs, musty odors, and filthy walls. To ensure the success of your garage conversion, begin by thoroughly cleaning all areas of your garage. Use low-pH cleaners for your concrete surfaces and eradicate any signs of mold growth with bleach and warm water.

Consider hiring a professional power washing company to help remove rust stains, spilled paint, and bacteria from your garage. Polyaspartic floor coatings contain antimicrobial properties to improve the air quality of your garage. Create a regular cleaning schedule to ensure your new hobby space stays beautiful for many years.

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