What Type of Warehouse Floor Coating Makes the Most Sense for Your Facility in Central Illinois, St Louis, and Western Indiana?

Warehouse Floor Coatings Southern IllinoisWarehouse floors certainly don’t have it easy. Heavy machinery, foot traffic, chemical spills, and other hazards can degrade the floor’s surface, diminishing its visual appeal, raising safety concerns, and necessitating costly maintenance.

Although these problems may seem unavoidable, that’s not the case when you invest in an ultra-durable warehouse floor coating applied by Smart Concrete Coatings. We offer a variety of professionally applied concrete floor coatings that can enhance the appearance, safety, and durability of your warehouse floor. You’ll get to choose between the following options for your facility in Illinois, Indiana, or Missouri:

Chip System

Custom-colored vinyl flakes give this warehouse floor coating its granite-like appearance and slip-resistant surface. The coatings produce unique, attractive floors that can significantly improve workplace safety.


Want flooring that will make a bold statement? If so, a metallic warehouse floor coating is likely your ideal choice. Boasting rich pigments and a 3D appearance, this coating can truly make your space stand out. Plus, the coating’s high-gloss sheen can increase the reflectivity of your warehouse environment, improving the overall lighting in the space.


If you’ll settle for nothing less than optimal durability, then you’ll want a quartz warehouse floor coating. Featuring five distinct layers, these coatings boast the high-level chemical and abrasion resistance that you require in an industrial setting.


Our solid color and shop floor polyurea systems have greater strength than conventional epoxy, hybrid coatings, and paint, which makes them a superior choice for active warehouse environments.

Give Your Warehouse Floor the Protection It Deserves

Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill warehouse floor coating that will quickly degrade and require maintenance. Instead, choose one of Smart Concrete Coatings’ resilient warehouse floor coatings that will hold up incredibly well through the years. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the services we offer in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

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