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Apr 07, 2023

Owning and operating a hair salon requires multi-tasking, friendly customer service, and creating a welcoming environment for clients. Damaged or unsightly salon flooring can deter clients from your business, which is a costly consequence. Thankfully, commercial concrete coatings can help your hair salon stand apart from the competition.

Concrete coating professionals use durable polyurea coatings to protect your salon flooring from bacteria, moisture damage, and much more. Cleaning and maintaining concrete coatings proves incredibly easy and straightforward, making sweeping hair clippings easier than ever. Antimicrobial polyurea floors keep your salon clean, safe, and free of hazardous bacteria and contamination.

This blog post explores the benefits of commercial concrete coatings for hair salons. Often found in luxury hotels and car showrooms, polyurea floors can transform ordinary salon floors into breathtaking features. Find commercial concrete coatings in Southern Illinois to update your salon and welcome customers to your business in style.

Advanced Polyurea Salon Flooring in Southern Illinois

When searching for flooring solutions, you may come across several options. For example, concrete polishing helps repair and seal existing concrete cracks, while durable epoxy coatings help protect concrete substrates from abrasions. However, no flooring solution outperforms advanced polyurea formulations.

Polyurea creates a durable, beautiful finish over your salon floors. Professionals will follow a careful installation process to produce long-lasting, high-quality results and restore your flooring to its former glory.

Signs your salon flooring would benefit from professionally installed commercial concrete coatings include:

  • Discoloration
  • Water damage
  • Black mold growth
  • Spalling
  • Chipping
  • Potholes
  • Uneven floor texture

Polyurea coatings continue to garner widespread appeal throughout Illinois and the United States for their impressive abrasion resistance and low maintenance requirements. No salon owner has the time to undertake complex concrete repairs and replacements. Polyurea coatings last for years and prevent damage to your flooring for decades.

Why Choose Durable Floor Coating Solutions

Busy salons remain high-traffic areas that require protection against frequent foot traffic, accidental spills, and harmful bacteria. Floor tiles may prove ineffective at protecting your flooring and require laborious cleaning regiments. Polyurea salon flooring surpasses any other type of commercial flooring in durability, longevity, and reliability. Install a floor coating and reap the benefits for your salon.

Improved Aesthetics

Experts can add vinyl flakes, metallic additives, and quartz granules to your polyurea coating for added slip protection and design. Premium flake polyurea floors significantly boost your salon’s appearance and impress anyone who walks through your door. Choose from a wide range of color options to create a unique, colorful design utterly unique to your own style preferences.

Experts broadcast decorative flakes in light, medium, and full broadcasts to create stunning designs. You can even experiment with glitter or glow-in-the-dark metallic floors for a more textured appearance to your salon flooring. If you can’t find a color you like from stock color selections, many concrete coating companies can special order customized colors made just for you.

Improved Safety

A customer tripping or falling in your salon presents many challenges. Customers who feel unsafe traversing your salon may not recommend your business to friends and never return for another haircut. Polyurea coatings contain anti-slip additives that minimize safety concerns and protect your customers and employees from accidental falls.

Additionally, premium vinyl flakes do much more than add beautiful color to your salon floors. Vinyl flakes and quartz granules can add over three millimeters of floor protection, further improving your property’s safety. Safer floors result in happier customers and fewer worries for business owners.

Easy To Clean

Keeping a salon floor clean requires constant sweeping and mopping. Small strands of hair easily become lost and embedded within concrete joints and cracks. Innovative polyurea coatings prevent fallen debris from damaging concrete subfloors and prove especially easy to clean and maintain.

Use warm water, a neutral-pH floor cleaner, and a microfiber cloth to clean hair, debris, and water off your newly installed polyurea floor. Avoid using low-quality products or abrasive scouring pads on your concrete coating, as harsh cleaning agents and sponges risk deteriorating it. Create a weekly cleaning routine and keep a dry mop nearby to clean accidental spills or dropped hair from your flooring promptly and effectively.

Installing Commercial Concrete Coatings in Illinois

Considering polyurea’s benefits, you may think installing new salon flooring requires weeks of work and lengthy construction projects. However, many highly-trained professionals can complete their services in less than one day. Efficient concrete coating installation involves a careful inspection, careful application of the coating, and thorough cleaning afterward, among other things.

You can often resume walking on your salon flooring 24 hours after installation. Work with reliable concrete coating professionals to keep your salon looking beautiful for decades. Fewer concerns over your concrete floor’s structural integrity leave you with more time to serve your valued clients!

Smart Coatings’ Superior Salon Floor Solutions

You want your salon floor to look amazing. A polyurea concrete coating can enhance its visual appeal and protect it for years. Enjoy unique design features, fantastic durability, and outstanding customer service by working with our professionals.

Smart Coatings has proudly served Central Illinois, Western Indiana, and the St. Louis area for many years. We approach every commercial coating project with expertise, integrity, and attention to detail. Call Smart Coatings at 217-343-5965 to speak with our excellent staff, receive your free quote, and revitalize your salon flooring in Southern Illinois at an affordable price!

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