Maximize Your Garage with a Showroom-Ready Floor Coating

Mar 24, 2023

More and more Americans are discovering the benefits of investing in a polyurea garage floor coating. Unlike floor paint, coatings require virtually no maintenance and can last ten years or more. They create a durable, easy-to-clean surface that will not flake or peel.

In this post, the Smart Coatings team explains more about these floor coating systems and their benefits.

What Is Polyurea?

Polyurea is an upgrade of old-fashioned epoxy. Not only is it stronger and more durable, but it is also better able to resist hot tires and is less volatile in direct sunlight. A further advantage of this garage floor coating in Southern Illinois is that it cures quickly and has low VOCs compared to traditional epoxy.

Polyurea is a resinous substance that hardens when you add the right catalyst.

The Benefits of Using a Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

Polyurea is one of the most popular types of coating for a concrete floor because of its durability and water resistance. However, there are several benefits to using these flooring installations.


Professionally installed and cleaned, your garage floor coating will look as good in five or ten years as it does today. The hard surface resists scuffing and scrapes, ensuring it looks pristine for longer. In a conventional garage, you are looking at around 10 to 15 years of wear as a start.

There are different types of coating built to resist different hazards. For example, if you cover a commercial garage floor, you need a heavy-duty coating that can withstand heavy traffic. A home garage, by contrast, might require something that can stand up to direct sunlight.


Who says your garage must be boring concrete? A garage floor coating is one of the most versatile decorative mediums on the market. You can change the color and texture by using a seemingly endless number of additives.

With the right team, you can recreate the look of fine Italian marble or more exotic stone like lapis lazuli. Alternatively, create a custom finish by using vinyl flakes in your chosen color combination. You can even tint the polyurea to create additional depth and interest.

Even if you choose a clear coat, your garage floor takes on an attractive gloss.


One big complaint with traditional epoxy is how susceptible it is to UV radiation. Sufficient exposure to sunlight makes epoxy discolor and become brittle. Some forms of polyurea are naturally resistant to sun damage.

You can further increase this protection by using a topcoat with built-in UV protectants. The advantage of using these UV-protectants is that they also protect the pigments and additives in the base coat.

For example, some red colors are naturally fugitive, meaning they will discolor over time with exposure to light. Prior to these new formulations, using such pigments was impossible; now, they are commonplace.

Waterproofing and Chemical-Resistance

Concrete is a highly porous substance, meaning that it becomes grubby quickly. By applying polyurea garage coatings, you place an impermeable barrier between the floor and moisture. This surface actively repels moisture, making it ideal for use in a garage.

The product will not only repel water but also many types of chemicals. While we advise you to clean spills quickly, an overnight oil leak will not damage your new flooring.

No Dust

Concrete floors shed dust naturally. While this does not impact their tensile strength, it can be very annoying for the homeowner. A polyurea coating system seals the dust in, meaning a far cleaner and healthier environment.

Also, the dust that sloughs off represents a layer of concrete wearing away. While this doesn’t impact the surface’s strength, it does mean that the surface is eroding. By sealing the concrete, you preserve it.

No Cracks or Crevices for Germs to Hide In

We pour your new floor as one seamless layer. Therefore there are no cracks or crevices for germs to make a home in. As the polyurea completely seals the flooring, there is also no chance of moisture working its way deep into the concrete pores. Mold is, therefore, less likely to gain a foothold.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Are you tired of trying to scrub oil stains out of concrete? We don’t blame you; these marks are notoriously difficult to shift. Forget the effort and install a coating. As the coating is water-repellant, it is extremely easy to clean up spills.

We recommend sweeping your floor regularly and mopping it down with water once a week. If the mark is more difficult to remove, you can use a soft brush to scrub it away.

Maintenance is even simpler as there is virtually nothing to do. If you scratch the surface, you can polish it away using a custom polish. If the damage goes deeper, you may need to use a patch kit instead.

Better Safety

Concrete is slippery when wet, so it can be hazardous. You can improve safety by adding a coating that has aggregate embedded into it. Doing this will enhance the traction on the floor.

Another aspect that many people overlook is brightness. If your garage is dingy, a lighter-colored floor reflects the overhead light, improving overall brightness.

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