Reasons Why You Should Get Your Pool Decks Resurfaced

Aug 31, 2022

Between regular use, foot traffic, and inclement weather elements, previously perfect pool decks can wear down and become an unsightly hazard. However, if you’ve lived with a subpar pool deck for a while now, you might not realize how dangerous and unappealing a deck in poor shape can be.

Though it might seem inconsequential, there are several design and safety reasons why you should invest in pool deck resurfacing for your beloved outdoor feature,


The space around inground pools becomes slippery when wet, which creates the risk of slip-and-fall accidents that looms over what’s supposed to be a relaxing leisure attraction.

Even without a coating, concrete pool decks start as decently slip-resistant surfaces. However, after years of regular use and wear and tear, those slip-resistant properties fade, and that risk returns. Unfortunately, falling onto a stiff surface like a concrete pool deck can lead to severe injuries that keep people away from your beloved swimming pool, but pool deck resurfacing wipes away that risk.

A new pool deck coating will restore the slip-resistant texture and traction yours once had. Additionally, with a Polyurea concrete coating from Smart Coatings, your pool deck will maintain its traction for years longer than a standard coat.

Weather Resistance

Inclement weather is a pool deck’s greatest enemy, especially when the deck is a concrete surface. The rain and snow that are so common in Illinois weaken unprotected concrete, which can eventually lead to unsightly stains and cracks, and the latter can create even more slip-and-fall hazards.

With pool deck resurfacing, you can restore your pool deck’s weather shield and protect it from the hazards of rain and snow. Our team’s Polyurea coatings are even more weather resistant than traditional concrete covers, and they also come with a lifetime warranty on peeling.

Enhanced Aesthetic and Flexible Styles

Swimming pools are massive investments, so it’s fair to want them looking as good as possible. Unfortunately, your previously sleek and clean swimming pool will lose its shine when the coating wears out and exposes the concrete surface below to wear and tear. That strain can chip and crack your pool deck while giving it a bumpy, unsightly appearance, but resurfacing services will restore the deck’s smoothness and aesthetic value.

Pool deck resurfacing also lets you set up concrete overlays, which are decorative patterns that cover every square foot of the deck. Overlays can bring a unique style to your pool that will last for years, thanks to your new Polyurea coating.

A Stylistic Reset Without Heavy Construction

Over time, your pool deck’s color and overlays will fade and stain, but you can refresh its aesthetic value with a pool deck resurfacing service. If you were attached to your pool’s old look, you could install a Polyurea coating that brings it back.

However, one of the best features of Polyurea coating is that you can customize them in countless ways. Therefore, if you’ve grown tired of your swimming pool’s dated aesthetic, you can schedule pool deck resurfacing to refresh its image without renovating the actual pool or installing a new feature.

Concrete pool deck coatings are as transformative as new construction but at a fraction of the cost and time investment.

How To Tell When You Need Pool Deck Resurfacing 

Cracks and stains in your concrete pool deck are two unmistakable signs you need to schedule resurfacing. Those imperfections happen with exposure to weather elements and foot traffic, which coatings are supposed to shield from the pool deck. If they’ve made it through the coating and onto the concrete surface, the coating isn’t working as intended.

While pool deck resurfacing doesn’t fix cracks, it will prevent new ones from forming. Additionally, you can schedule concrete crack repair from Smart Coatings after setting up a resurfacing appointment.

Professional Pool Deck Resurfacing From Smart Coatings

If your pool deck isn’t in perfect condition, it could turn your favorite outdoor feature into a hazardous eyesore that nobody wants to touch. However, with pool deck resurfacing services from Smart Coatings, you can restore your deck’s original practicality and beauty and maintain those benefits for years.

Our Polyurea coatings last through years of regular use without showing signs of wear and tear. No matter what you throw their way, they’ll maintain their color and strength and make your pool the amenity that it deserves to be.


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