Repair Your Pitted Garage Floors Today Before It’s Too Late

Sep 25, 2022

Garage floors are often the first thing you see when you walk into a home, so they must look as pristine as possible.

However, even the best quality concrete surfaces on garage floors succumb to wear and tear. If left alone, these holes and cracks can grow, making repairs expensive. Fortunately, you can easily fix pitted garage floors with deep cleaning and resurfacing.

Here’s how to do it:

How To Fix Pitted Garage Floors

Clean Your Garage Floor

Start by sweeping your garage floor with a long-handled broom or push broom to remove debris from the surface. Next, sweep up the dust with a dry mop or rag. You can use a damp mop if you prefer but be sure to wring out any excess moisture before using it on your floor.

You’ll also want to vacuum any crevices where dust may have settled since this will make it easier for dirt to stick once you start resurfacing your garage floor later on down the road!

Prep the Surface of Your Concrete Garage Floor

The best way to fix pitted garage floors is by filling holes with a dab of caulking or foam backer rods (best for single pits).

Then, use epoxy to fill the rest of the pits. Epoxy stands out as an adhesive that works well on concrete surfaces and will resist moisture. This plays a key role in protecting garage floors because water pools and sits in those spots.

Remove Oil Stains From Your Garage Floor

If you have oil stains on your garage floor, you should remove them before proceeding further. Leaving them on the surface of your floor will affect how well the epoxy coating sticks.

Use a degreaser and warm water to remove the oil stains on pitted garage floors. Allow the degreaser to sit for about five minutes before scrubbing the surface with a brush or sponge. When finished, rinse the area thoroughly with warm water and allow it to dry completely before proceeding further.

Resurface the Entire Surface With a Sealer

To protect your new garage floor from further damage and make it easy to clean in the future, apply an epoxy sealer to the entire surface once dry after cleaning (about 24 hours). This will prevent moisture from seeping into those tiny cracks between cracks over time.

You can generally use three products for this process:

Epoxy sealer

Epoxy works best for fixing minor pitting on garage floors. You can use 100% epoxy concrete or a 2-part epoxy product. Epoxy sealers containing sand aggregate work better for filling large, pitted areas.

Polypropylene fiber mesh

Next is polypropylene fiber mesh (PPFM). This option works best when deep pitting or erosion needs refilling to create an even surface again.

Polymer-modified cement

Finally, there’s polymer-modified cement. This mixture of cement, polymers, and sand aggregate works like regular concrete—you just need water!

Finish the Resurfacing Job

After applying the resurfacing material, check the concrete for shrinkage during the curing and drying process.

It’s important to remember that you should never walk on the surface until it cures for at least 24 hours. If you see any cracks or holes in your garage floor after resurfacing, fill them with sanding filler and allow them to dry.

Contact the Experts for Concrete Sealing and Resurfacing in Central Illinois

If you’re looking for residential concrete coatings for pitted garage floors in Central Illinois, we’re here to help!

At Smart Coatings, we know that your garage floor is your home’s foundation. It’s where you park your car and store all your tools, so it needs to be as durable as possible. But if it has sustained damage by pitting or cracking, it can be more than just an eyesore—it can pose a safety hazard to anyone who has to walk on it.

So we created a process that will easily repair and protect your garage floor. First, we’ll come out to your home, inspect the damage, and give you an estimate based on what work you need on your garage floor. Once we agree on the scope of work, we’ll start right away!

Our services include:

  • Concrete sealing and polishing
  • Acid stain application
  • Epoxy flooring (polyurea and polyaspartic coatings) application
  • High-performance coatings for driveways and garages

All our residential polyurea concrete coatings for pitted garage floors in Central Illinois come with a lifetime warranty on peeling.

Contact Smart Coatings at 217-343-5965 for more information and to schedule your appointment!

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