Revive Your Locker Room Flooring with Commercial Coatings

May 10, 2023

Locker room flooring takes a beating, whether it is in a school, gym, or any other place. The surface must withstand heavy foot traffic, have high slip resistance, and be easy to clean. In this post, Smart Concrete Coatings discusses locker room flooring in Southern Illinois and the flooring products that tick all the boxes.

As your go-to floor coating contractors in Southern Illinois, we can assist you with finding the right solution. Our team focuses on high-quality products and installs them flawlessly so that any locker room flooring option you select is durable, functional, and beautiful.

The Benefits of Installing Floor Coatings Over Locker Room Floors

Locker room flooring can be functional and beautiful rather than bare concrete. While concrete is a popular choice due to its durability and cost-effectiveness, it has some downsides. The most important of these is that it chips easily, sheds dust, and is porous, causing it to stain easily.

The porosity is a particular concern in the humid environment of a locker room because it can allow mold or bacteria to gain a foothold. Coating the concrete is the ideal solution because it renders the surface impermeable. Here are some other benefits to coating the locker room.

One-Day Installation

When choosing new locker room flooring, you need to consider how long you can keep the space closed. These coatings take a day to install and are ready for foot traffic a day after that.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

These coatings are a wash-and-go solution because they repel spills. We recommend sweeping or mopping the floor daily and polishing it every few months to remove surface scratches if necessary. You will need to use a patch kit to fill in deeper grooves.

Most spills will shift if you use water on them, but you can also use a pH-neutral cleaner and soft-bristled brush if needed. We advise against using any abrasive agents as they will damage the surface.


The floors repel liquids, making it easy to mop up water and other spills. Steam will condense on the surface without any damage to the underlying concrete. This property makes it impossible for anything that might stain concrete to seep through to the substrate.


You can incorporate anti-microbial compounds for improved safety. However, even without these additives, this type of flooring is more hygienic than other types. For starters, it is easy to wipe it down, so cleaning doesn’t take long at all.

Secondly, the seamless nature of the floor means that the germs have no nooks or cracks to hide in. Unlike with unsealed concrete, there is nowhere that germs are out of reach of the mop. This is also important when it comes to preventing mold and mildew growth. The surface is inhospitable to the spores, not allowing them any purchase.

Better Safety

Locker room flooring coatings enhance safety in several ways. To start, it has great traction. While the surface of the coating may be smooth, it has impressive anti-slip properties. Standard polyaspartic outperforms other materials in terms of natural traction, even in wet and oily conditions.

Property owners wishing to enhance the traction further can use a grip additive or textured surface.

You can also select a coating with anti-microbial properties for better hygiene. Modern compounds are usually 100% solids and non-solvent-based, making them low in VOCs. You won’t have to deal with a lingering smell after installation! Finally, you can use the flooring to improve visual safety. You can do this by incorporating warnings into the design or by choosing a reflective color to brighten up a dull room.

Less Liability

Slip-and-fall accidents can prove very expensive. Polyaspartic coatings reduce your risks of these in two ways:

  • Better traction and less chance of slipping.
  • Seamless and even surface leaves no tripping hazards.

Accidents will happen, but you can at least prove that you made every effort to prevent an incident. This, by itself, limits your liability in terms of punitive damages.


Even in a high-traffic environment like a locker room, polyaspartic coatings last years. With proper care, they will last five years or longer without flaking, cracking, or peeling. They are abrasion, chemical, and moisture-resistant, all of which improve their longevity.

Also, the flooring contains UV filters, enabling you to install it in the sunniest spots without worrying if it will discolor, fade, or become brittle.


Do you want your locker room to stand out? If you own a gym or training facility, you want a statement piece that impresses your clients. If you run a school, you want flooring that will improve morale. We can assist you either way by changing up the additives and design options.

If you have a commercial facility or school, you might choose any of the following:

  • Chip flooring in your brand colors.
  • Recreating the look of expensive materials like marble or granite.
  • Incorporating your business logo.
  • Integrating a team logo or colors.
  • Installing the school motto.
  • Choosing a 3-D metallic design for timeless appeal.
  • Selecting a floor visual to create extra interest, like a beach scene, for example.

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