We Apply Ultra-Durable Concrete Floor Coatings for Homeowners & Businesses in Collinsville, IL

Concrete Floor Coatings Collinsville ILDo the concrete floors at your home or business look unappealing? Are they gradually showing signs of wear and tear? If so, you can attempt to address these issues by applying a conventional single-layer coating, but this will undoubtedly fail to leave you satisfied over time.

To upgrade your floors in a way that you’ll be thrilled about for years to come, choose to have a concrete floor coating applied by Smart Concrete Coatings at your home or business in Collinsville, Illinois. Our coatings are renowned for their:

Visual Appeal

Plain, gray concrete or single-layer coatings simply can’t compete with the beauty of our concrete floor coatings. For example, our popular polyurea chip system allows you to select the base color of your coating as well as the colors of the vinyl flakes that will be embedded within the coating. This way, you can customize the coating’s appearance to perfectly match your home or represent your company’s signature colors.


Whether from oil leaking out of your car onto your garage floor or heavy machinery being moved around in your industrial facility, everyday use can take quite a toll on concrete flooring. However, not when you have a  concrete floor coating applied.

Boasting remarkable chemical and abrasion resistance, our concrete coating systems can handle virtually any kind of abuse without sustaining damage. Plus, they allow for exceptionally easy cleanup of any spills that occur.


If there’s a concrete floor that you want to upgrade at your home or business, we can supply the ideal coating for it. We offer excellent options for these applications and many others:



Warranty Protection

Choosing Smart Concrete Coatings means knowing for sure that you’ve made a secure investment. You’ll receive our lifetime warranty on peeling.

Like what you’ve heard so far? Just wait until you hear the rest. Contact Smart Concrete Coatings today to learn more about the concrete floor coatings we offer in Collinsville, IL.

“They did a fantastic job on my garage floor, very professional, and very clean!”

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