Should I Epoxy My Basement Floor?

Nov 18, 2022

When choosing a coating for your basement floor, there are plenty of factors to consider. Some of the essential qualities you want in your basement floor are durability, appearance, and easy maintenance. Epoxy is one coating material that meets the necessary criteria to create quality flooring.

Epoxy is a mixture of chemical and liquid resin, the combination of which produces a solid plastic film. While it has numerous uses, such as paints and plastics, epoxy is incredibly useful as a floor coating. An epoxy basement floor has various benefits that will increase your space’s quality and longevity.

This article will discuss the many advantages of an epoxy basement floor to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your home. Smart Concrete Coatings has the expertise and experience to transform your basement floor. For more information about epoxy flooring, call Smart Concrete Coatings at 217-343-5965 or visit our office in Mattoon, IL, 61938.

Benefits of an Epoxy Basement Floor

Durability and Longevity

Your basement undergoes constant foot traffic and heavy storage. While concrete floors can withstand a lot of pressure, they’re still susceptible to wear and tear cracks and scratches over time. An epoxy coating is a perfect solution for protecting concrete surfaces.

No matter what you use it for, an epoxy basement floor will hold up, preventing chips, cracks, and scratches. Floors with epoxy coatings uphold their strength and shine without peeling and deteriorating.

Due to its durability, an epoxy basement floor also has the advantage of a long lifespan. Epoxy can last longer than many other flooring options before it begins to show its age.

Easy Maintenance

Concrete basement floors constantly get dirty, harboring dust and debris that can make you sick. Having a floor that you can easily clean when necessary is vital. Epoxy floor coatings ensure simple maintenance and require little time.

Epoxy basement floors have no cracks where they might trap dirt and debris. When they do get dirty, cleaning up is a straightforward task.

Simply use a broom and vacuum cleaner to collect debris. Using a mop, towel, or sponge with soap and water should easily remove stains and dirt buildup. Be sure to avoid using any hard chemicals on your epoxy basement floor.


Seeping moisture that leads to water damage can negatively affect your foundation and basement. The tough and non-porous surface of an epoxy coating keeps your floor from absorbing water. Whether you spill or have a leak, your epoxy basement floor will prevent hazardous water damage.

Resistant to Mold

Because epoxy coatings are waterproof, they’re also resistant to mold. Dampness creates an environment where bacteria can live and grow, leading to mold, mildew, and harmful germs that could cause diseases. Epoxy floors help eliminate such bacteria and keep you and your family healthy.

Appearance and Versatility

An epoxy coating will also significantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your basement floor. Its shiny quality gives your basement a clean and professional look.

You can also customize your epoxy basement floor by selecting from various colors and patterns. The many options make epoxy a versatile coating material, allowing you to brighten your basement or match your current theme.

Straightforward Installation

With Smart Concrete Coatings, installing an epoxy coating is straightforward. We apply layers of epoxy onto the surface of your concrete floor. The epoxy fills any existing cracks and creates a smooth, protective covering.

Alternative to an Epoxy Coating

While epoxy is an excellent coating option for your basement, it’s not the only one. If an epoxy basement floor isn’t right for you, consider a polyurea concrete coating from Smart Concrete Coatings.

Polyurea coatings, though more expensive, are six times stronger than epoxy coatings. Like epoxy, polyurea is versatile, customizable, and easy to maintain.

Polyurea basement floors have additional benefits. They are antimicrobial and antibacterial, preventing disease growth even more than epoxy. Polyurea is also UV stable, which helps your basement maintain a cool temperature during hot summer days.

Epoxy Basement Floors from Smart Concrete Coatings

If you’re considering installing a coating on the surface of your concrete basement floor, epoxy may be the perfect material. An epoxy basement floor is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. It helps prevent water damage and bacterial growth to keep you and your house safe and healthy.

If an epoxy coating is the solution to transforming your basement, trust the experts at Smart Concrete Coatings for professional installation.

Call Smart Concrete Coatings today at 217-343-5965 or visit our office in Mattoon, IL, 61938.

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