Smart Coatings: Best Garage Flooring Contractor

Sep 23, 2022

How do you know you’re hiring the best garage flooring contractor? If you’re working with Smart Coatings, you’re already one step ahead—but what if you haven’t decided which contractor to go with? In this article, we go through how to vet companies before hiring them to ensure you get the best value for your money.

What Is Their Reputation?

Get online and do your research. Most state consumer protection agencies run a website allowing you to see if consumers lodged complaints against a contractor. You should also check with third-party review sites like the Better Business Bureau and see what the reviews say.

Ask for References

A reputable company will refer you to past clients, preferably with projects similar to yours or a portfolio of work. Be wary of companies that won’t provide either because this may be due to inexperience or poor results.

How Many Years of Experience?

Check how long they’ve been running the business and how much industry experience they have. Experience counts for much in this industry, and you should look for it in the best garage flooring contractor.

Companies with a few years of experience can typically iron out wrinkles in their process. If you’re dealing with a newer firm, see if the contractor has references from a previous employer.

Is Their Licensing and Insurance Up to Date?

The best garage flooring contractor will have a valid license as your state requires and will keep their insurance up to date. If the candidate for your home improvement cannot provide either, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Check online to ensure their license is valid, and then check their insurance. Contact their insurer to verify they have liability coverage and workers’ compensation. These policies protect you if someone hurts themselves while working at your home.

Get Everything in Writing

Get everything in writing, from the first estimate to the final agreement and the warranty. Specify the materials, flooring products, and timeline as well. Read the fine print carefully to ensure everything you discussed in your home improvement matches.

What Types of Flooring Systems Do They Offer

What garage flooring options does the company offer? An experienced contractor typically gives you suggestions that match your needs and budget. The best garage floor coating contractor discusses how you use the space to determine which options best suit you.

Do you require a stain-resistant concrete floor or something that can handle heavy-weight machinery, for example?

Smart Coatings typically uses a multi-layer system that includes a:

  • Low-viscosity primer
  • Basecoat
  • UV-stable topcoat
  • Clear topcoat as an optional extra

While the layers may vary depending on the precise flooring system you choose, a primer, basecoat, and UV-stable topcoat are Smart Coating’s minimum. The multi-layered process is why the firm can offer a lifetime warranty on its product.

Reputable contractors will offer similar systems to ensure you receive the quality you deserve.

Ask for the Brand of Flooring Products

It is also a good idea to research the brand of flooring products the company offers. Professionals know which will last the best and which ones to avoid. Someone that is vague about the brand will not be able to provide an accurate upfront quote.

They must be able to explain why they select the supplies they do, and you must check the brand’s reputation.

Moisture Testing

The best garage flooring contractor inspects your concrete floor for signs of moisture. Nine times out of ten, moisture-related issues void warranties as they cause the coatings to lift.

Preparing the Floor

Always ask what floor preparation procedures the company employs. Top companies always:

  • Remove the upper layer of concrete using shot blasting or grinding
  • Repair minor cracks and flaws (Although they may charge for this service)
  • Uses a primer where appropriate

Consider the Price

We encourage you to get two to four estimates to understand a good average price. Contractors quoting way below this are cutting corners in some way, so you cannot expect the same level of quality.

When it comes to a coating meant to last for 15 years or more, don’t settle for a contractor offering the lowest prices. Top firms offer a fair mix of value for the money between the cost of their labor. They provide detailed, upfront quotes so that you can make an informed decision.

Finding a reputable garage floor contractor takes time but shouldn’t be rushed. To see how the best garage flooring contractor treats their clients, call Smart Coatings at 217-343-5965 and receive your free estimate.

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