Transform Your Kitchen or Showroom with a Durable and Aesthetic Floor Coating

Mar 03, 2023

Commercial kitchen flooring greatly benefits from a professionally-installed showroom floor coating. For example, advanced polyurea concrete coatings can help to protect a commercial property’s occupants from accidental falls and hazardous cracks in concrete floors. Conversely, uncoated concrete floors tend to raise liability for a business owner by creating unsafe working environments for employees or shop floors for customers.

Below, Smart Concrete Coatings shares why a great floor choice for kitchen or showroom purposes provides the perfect solution.

Harness the Benefits of Showroom Floor Coating and Kitchen Flooring in Southern Illinois

Concrete coating professionals have the skills and training to enhance your kitchen or showroom flooring. They repair and protect your existing concrete surface in under a day, using advanced diamond grinding to turn drab concrete surfaces into eye-catching features. But how do you know which floor coating best suits the space?

Commercial properties have unique needs. For example, commercial kitchen floors face countless oil spills, foot traffic, and condensation issues that put pressure on concrete substrates. If you add the dropped food, excessive moisture, and debris filling porous cracks in the concrete, it is no wonder these floors discolor, suffer moisture damage, and become unsanitary.

Thankfully, concrete coatings of high quality add a durable layer of protection to withstand abrasions, chemical spills, fire damage, and much more. Smart Concrete Coatings will pair polyurea basecoats with polyaspartic topcoats to add over three millimeters of extra protection to the floor. So, it is a highly affordable solution for kitchens, showrooms, driveways, garages, and industrial facilities.

Which concrete coating will meet your needs and exceed your expectations? Consider the benefits of the following popular concrete coatings in California:

Explore Polyaspartic Coatings for Durability and Excellent Weather Resistance

Polyaspartic concrete coatings revolutionized the concrete coating industry in the 1990s, proving longer lasting, more durable, and more water resistant than competing products. These strong UV-resistant coatings remain the preferred choice among local property owners in California.

Experts combine resins and catalysts to create highly durable polyaspartic coatings that protect garage and kitchen flooring in Southern Illinois from the following:

  • Chemicals
  • Water damage
  • Abrasions
  • Fires
  • Shock damage and more

Concrete coating companies can install polyaspartic coatings in less than one day to minimize downtime and inconvenience. So, polyaspartic products offer easy installation, low maintenance, and lasting protection for any area you can imagine.

Try Polyurea Coatings for Amazing Moisture-Damage Protection

Do heavy foot traffic, rapidly changing temperatures, and moisture damage plague your property’s concrete floors? Consider an advanced polyurea concrete coating. It mixes various hardeners, resins, and polyurethanes effective at repelling moisture, regulating temperature changes, and protecting concrete substrates from abrasions.

Whether your flooring needs more protection or your showroom floor coating in Southern Illinois fails to dazzle guests, polyurea coatings can help. Construction companies use it to coat heavy machinery, protecting bulldozers and excavators from scratches, abrasions, water damage, and inclement weather conditions. The durable film of polyurea also binds strongly to concrete substrates, creating an impenetrable barrier that lasts over 40 years with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Why not use polyurea to improve the functionality of your commercial kitchen or add stylistic flair to your showroom? Local teams like Smart Concrete Coatings often provide lifetime warranties that cover chipping or peeling for great long-term results.

Focus on Maximum Moisture Protection for Concrete Floors

With the help of concrete coating professionals, you can completely transform your commercial property’s surfaces with polyurea and polyaspartic concrete coatings. However, nothing contributes to the deterioration of your concrete surfaces quite like excessive moisture. Given enough time, water seeps into the porous concrete surface to push concrete granules and aggregates apart.

Signs of a moisture-damaged concrete floor include the following:

  • Spalling
  • Potholes
  • Water spots
  • Discoloration
  • Bubbling
  • Chipping

So, there are many benefits to durable and aesthetic showroom floor coatings that repel moisture. Firstly, they effectively extend the lifespan of your showroom or kitchen flooring. Secondly, these moisture-free concrete floors ensure unsuitable environments for mold growth to reduce the maintenance requirements of your commercial flooring and safeguard your health.

Don’t Forget About the Many Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that any mold, mildew, or algae thriving on moist concrete surfaces will dramatically reduce the indoor air quality of your property? Toxic mold spores travel from concrete surfaces to air vents, contaminating your commercial property’s air ducts and ventilation systems. One solution lies in affordable polyurea showroom floor coatings, which will improve indoor air quality for a safer, more comfortable environment.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Floors that Add Value to Your Property

Though high-quality hardwood flooring has an impressive lifespan, it cannot match the price point, water resistance, stain resistance, or abrasion resistance of advanced polyurea coating systems! In fact, polyurea coatings compete exceptionally well with vinyl flooring, porcelain tiles, epoxy flooring, wood flooring, natural stone surfaces, bamboo flooring, and even tile flooring.

Get Superior Service and Beautiful Showroom Floor Coating in Southern Illinois Today!

Technological advancements and improved installation methods have transformed the concrete coating industry. Be sure to connect with Smart Concrete Coatings if you would like to know more information about affordable showroom floor coatings near you and how to install them. Unlike store-bought epoxies, professionally installed concrete coatings last over 50 years with proper cleaning and maintenance!

Smart Concrete Coatings’ highly trained technicians tackle any commercial concrete coating project you need. Call us at 217-343-5965 today to learn more about our showroom floor coating, kitchen flooring installation, and more in Illinois!

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