What Is a Chip Floor Coating System?

Oct 10, 2022

Concrete coatings greatly benefit home and business owners. They add durability and longevity to concrete floors, enhancing their ability to resist damage, moisture, and accidental spills. Anti-slip and fire-resistant concrete coatings further increase the safety of your concrete floors.

But what about chip floor coatings? Choosing from the many chip floor coatings available can seem overwhelming. But with the help of your local concrete coating experts, the right chip floor coating for your home or business is just around the corner.

If you’re considering upgrading your retail store, garage workshop, or basement, chip floor coating systems work perfectly. Keep reading to learn how chip floor coating systems transform dull concrete floors into masterpieces.

What Is a Chip Floor Coating System?

Chip floor coating systems utilize a combination of polyurea concrete coatings and vinyl chips. Epoxy floor coatings fail to provide the strength and durability of polyurea coatings. However, they still offer a cost-effective option for home and business owners.

Vinyl chip blends added between the polyurea top coat and basecoat create a breathtaking concrete coating capable of withstanding abrasions, moisture, and heavy industrial equipment. Polyurea gives the protection your floors require to last for many years.

Chip floor coating systems provide equal parts beauty and functionality. Professional concrete coating experts ensure your concrete floor can withstand and bind appropriately to chip floor coating systems.

Experts must resolve moisture damage, large holes or cracks, dirt and debris, and the structural integrity of concrete slabs before adding concrete coatings. Damaged concrete floors risk trapping moisture between layers of concrete coatings, increasing the likelihood of breaking, discoloration, and a shortened floor lifespan. Always consult your local concrete coating professionals before applying chip floor coating systems.

Once the surface of your concrete flooring is clean and free of damage, professional concrete coating specialists apply a top coat of polyurea followed by vinyl chips. They finish with a second strengthening layer of polyurea basecoat. The layer surrounding the vinyl chips protects your floors from wear and tear while resisting harmful UV radiation.

Types of Chip Floor Coating Systems

Customization options of chip floor coating systems allow customers to select the perfect coating for their home or business. Whether you require factory, showcase, or basement flooring, chip floor coating systems provide excellent versatility.

Some of the most popular chip systems used for residential, commercial, and industrial floors include:

Color Chips

The best part of choosing chip flooring systems is the vast customization options. The vinyl chips used in chip applications of floors give customers many choices to express their aesthetics. Dark chips, glow-in-the-dark chips, and bright white chips easily enhance the look of your space.

Customers may also select polyurea colors, gloss finishes, and styles to bring their ideal chip floor coating system to life.

Metallic Chips

Metallic coatings reflect light well and deliver the perfect blend of style and functionality. Metallic pigments and polyurea coatings create durable, luxurious floors for your home or business. If you wish to add a creative design to your floor, select metallic chips to resemble water, granite, stone, and any other surface imaginable.

Benefits of Chip Floor Coating Systems

Painting fails to protect concrete floors from accidental spills, moisture, and damage. Fortunately, chip floor coating systems offer many benefits for those looking to upgrade their current flooring.

Ceramic tiles provide customers with a cheaper alternative to chip floor coating systems. However, their lower price reflects a decreased ability to protect your floors from abrasions and moisture.

The main benefits of using a chip floor coating system for your next concrete floor project include:

Improved Lifespan of Concrete Floor

Uncoated concrete floors may last only a few years before needing replacement or significant repairs. Chip floor coating systems shield your concrete floor, making them last as long as 25 years. Avoid spending large sums of energy and time repairing damaged concrete floors by considering chip floor coating systems.

Improved Visual Appeal

Nothing looks quite like a newly installed chip floor coating system. With limitless options—including different colors, designs, and styles—chip floor coating systems remain an excellent choice for upgrading your space.

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