What Is the Best Floor for Dog Kennel Flooring?

Oct 17, 2022

Considering kennel flooring options may seem daunting for kennel owners, but you have multiple options for creating the right environment for keeping dogs. Dog kennel flooring works well for many types of animal-friendly businesses, including:

  • Veterinary offices
  • Doggy daycares
  • Pet grooming salons
  • Dog kennels

Learn why you should install specific flooring for your dog kennel and which one works best for you.

The Benefits of Dog Kennel Flooring

While all flooring sees various types of traffic, certain features apply when considering which floor to use in dog-friendly spaces. You need a floor that makes your life easier and provides a comfortable environment for your furry clients, so considers the following when choosing kennel floors:


Even the most lovable dogs can make a mess, so a floor that’s easy to maintain helps you save time and energy you can devote to caretaking. Your kennel floor may experience exposure to dirt and bacteria, so you also want flooring that’s easy to clean.


Water-resistant flooring helps with spills and bathroom accidents, while the durability of your kennel floor also resists scratches from dog nails.


Keep your clients and their pets happy with comfy flooring. Many kennel flooring options have more cushion to make constant traffic feel better than a hard floor.

Ease of Installation

Finding a floor that’s easy to install yourself allows you to put it in without the additional cost of professional installation. However, an experienced floor technician can also recommend floor sealants, ensure the flooring remains safe, and provide other services that self-installation may not address.

Types of Dog Kennel Flooring

Besides the durability, feel, and maintenance of your flooring, you also want to consider how you’ll use it. Every dog-friendly facility requires different capabilities, so your best option may differ from other pet businesses. Read on to learn about the various flooring types and how to use them in your dog kennel.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring consists of a durable, low-maintenance material with semi-porous construction.


  • Easy to clean: Rubber flooring requires little beyond regular sweeping and mopping.
  • Slip-resistant: Even when wet, rubber kennel floors stay safe.
  • Shock absorbent: Whether walking, running, or jumping, dogs stay safe on rubber floors.


Rubber Smell: When installed, you may notice a strong rubber odor. After a few cleanings, the smell should dissipate.

Concrete Flooring

With many grades, mixes, and sealants available, you can use concrete of varying hardness levels for your dog kennel flooring in different areas of your building.


Water resistant: Properly sealed flooring resists water, urine, and other fluids.

Durable against temperature changes: Your flooring stays safe and stable regardless of the heat or cold.


Hard flooring: While smooth, concrete flooring has a hard, unforgiving surface.

Consistent reapplication: As the year’s pass, you’ll need to reapply the concrete sealant to keep your concrete safe from moisture.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in rolls or sheets, allowing you to choose how you’ll install it and providing a great flooring option.


Multiple designs: Vinyl flooring comes in numerous colors and designs.

Easy to clean: Like rubber flooring, sweeping and mopping keep vinyl floors clean.


Slippery when wet: Spills make the vinyl floor slippery and potentially unsafe.

Pet Turf

Artificial turf lets dogs experience the outdoors without the associated dirt and pests.


Natural look: Artificial grass looks similar to regular grass.

Gentle on dog feet: The soft fronds of pet turf provide an easy-on-the-feet surface.

Okay for potty time: You can build a drainage system beneath artificial turf to drain away pet waste.


Easily destroyed: Dogs who dig or chew may damage artificial turf.

Consider Treating Your Floor With Polyurea

Among the various dog kennel coatings, polyurea provides multiple benefits that work well for many floor bases. Whether you have wood, concrete, or another type of flooring material, a thick coating of polyurea keeps your floor safe by:

  • Providing a durable coating against digging dogs and high foot traffic
  • Maintaining room temperature
  • Requiring minimal maintenance

This coating makes the floor softer on dog joints, though it can still feel hard for older dogs. Providing a dog bed helps give a more comfortable experience.

Professional Dog Kennel Floor Installation in Mattoon, IL

Whether you run a doggy daycare or save pets’ lives at your veterinary clinic, installing the right dog kennel flooring provides comfortable functionality. If you’re ready to install a new floor in your dog-friendly space, call Smart Concrete Coatings at (217) 343-5965 for professional installation in Mattoon, IL.

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